Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zombie Cupcakes

Well, in my cupcake craziness - I began to KNIT the damn baked goods, hoping that in some meager way, calories would be burned and I would not have to spurn the semifrequent protestations for my baked version of these little buddies.

A totally rockin' friend - who also happens to work in a cupcake shop - wanted some rather radical cupcakes for her very own. She requested the colors and that the eyes have "X's" and that they be wearing scarves. I was off! And they just created themselves after that - spawned on the knitting needles, they called their "Zombie" selves into being.

The little "cupcakes gone wrong" arrived on just the right day - catch the color of new Zombie Mistress's nails? Match made in heaven!

I am proud to say that the job was well done. The Zombies were very happily received. And immediately began trying to eat one another.

And then tried to eat some of the other occupants in the pastry case. Naughty little Zombie cupcakes!

Needless to say - they had to be separated from the crowd. The other more "vanilla" cupcakes were complaining of their less the neighborly behavior. One or two of said cupcakes had wounds and had to be put down. Oh, the horror!

I must say that I also received yet another blog award in less than 24 hours! From dear Ms. Girlichef right over here. Thanks to Ms. Umama (oh mama) again. He he - it was the same award, too! I will be catching up with my posting on this award and my recipients very soon - after I tame a few more Zombies. I am in a temporary sugar high - awards, cupcakes - gotta put this mojo to good use!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love these! :) Zombies + cupcakes = love. Who knew?

    I also love bubble tea, so the final placement is great. :)

  2. Could these be more marvellous? Radical cupcakes are the future, the poor little vanilla ones are just going to have to put up with it.

  3. Lady P,

    First thanks for stopping by my blog. Second, those are some VERY creative cupcakes! :-D


  4. These are cute! What a great idea. And calorie free!


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