Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial weekend

Don't you love the extended weekend? You can feel it in the air- people are more casual, relaxation is a primary goal and the sunshine has drawn people and families outdoors together.
My knitting bag and my bike are easy friends as I pedal about looking for alternating sun and shade as I soak in the official beginning of the Summer season.

Gentle lilacs in the most powdery of lilac hues - turning slightly brown in the unfamiliar bright light but still a wonder to my eyes.

Could it be anymore lush? Almost decadent royal purple. It looks like velvet perfection.

The pioneer cemetery - full of visitors today, which made me smile and feel proud and touched. Flags for the veterans, tears and remembrances for loved ones gone but unforgotten. For some, just an extended furlough from work - for others, truly a holiday of substance and wistfulness.
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  1. Beautiful. Lilacs are one of my favorites..this is so purple I can just taste it...and I'm right there with ya today :) Thanks for commenting on my fam...i luv 'em!

  2. We have a long weekend in England too. What a treat, particularly as the sun is shining! We plan a festival of friends, family, food, football and lazing in the garden with cats and dog. What pleasures!

    I love your picture of the stately iris. Gorgeous.

  3. I am glad some remember to observe the day.. mostly its a chance to goof off and recover from a hangover here...

  4. I love your photos and yes a day of remembrance. We don't do the American picnic thing, but we are reminded of the reason for this day (I follow the British tradition of poppies for remembrance).

  5. I do love long weekends! And all of your photos are just beautiful :)

  6. Just to let you know how much I love your blog, I passed on a Lovely Blog Award to you!

  7. hheeh it was mine too... so I know how you feel!


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