Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ode to the mysteriously appearing sun

The sun came out today - and it was like someone threw the light on in the city. Everyone woke up and headed outside. Things were clear and bright. This flower is the color of all of our joy today.
This Mister needs a cool down every now and again, and he has a definite fondness for puddles. He laps them up, he treads through them happily and today, he just laid down in one.
It was just hailing here a mere handful of days ago. Cars from neighboring areas will come bearing mantles of snow on their brows. Today is like summer - we are amazed - we have too many clothes on - we wonder around dazed and happily confused.


  1. I would kill for some yellow blooms and a little sunshine! :) Consider yourself lucky!

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  3. It's lovely when we can stop to admire the day... must be part of growing up.

    HOund lays in puddles too.


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