Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More work than I can say...

My work has spilt over permanently onto the couch, it's covers, the surrounding floor. I am awash in efforts to finish the chickies by this weekend ( I feel absolutely duped! I thought Easter was next weekend!!) and I am preparing to install a host of goodies at my friend, Mary's, store. Whew! I feel undone - and undone, and undone - as I view all the yet to be finished goodies littering the floor.
I am silly - I am making Cupcake Hats (for adults) in an assortment of sorbet colors. The work that goes into these seemingly simple, but lovely confections will never correlate to the minimum wage - and yet, I toil on. May they find happy heads one day.
The apartment is awash with spring colors = I hasten to my deadlines. It shined with sun here yesterday, and I created freshly mown and weeded green patches in the backyard for me Mum. Today, I am squirreled away in the apartment, watching the pure creative genius of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean on the film MirrorMask and pondering my personal navel a wee little bit. Silly,silly thing - I am making chickies and cupcake hats, and aprons - again. My friend, Lodema the Potter calls this "soft art". May I soon find my way into realms of surer footing and happier dreams, but for now, I am just happy to be finding the end of these projects somewhere in sight. Amen!

For your personal viewing pleasure:


  1. The art direction on that film never ceases to get me... and easter is a super creative time, I am going into art lock down... always 5 projects on the go. I bet you're happy though.

  2. I feel your pain -or your panic. I was going to bake and ice cookies for a big party we're going to tomorrow and plan some kind of menu for the large lunch we're having here on Sunday and yet I still have so much work to finish off before I can even start ... At this rate we'll be ordering pizza... Still, your pretty buttons and happy colours have filled me with Easter cheerfulness, so thanks for that!

  3. Thanks for your recent comments on my blog :) You have a very nice blog. I thought we were going to do anything special so much for Easter over here in the UAE but we just got invited to friends' for dinner which will be nice. Happy Easter!

  4. aww good luck, it all looks so good! I love the buttons though, I have a bit of a thing for pretty ones :)

  5. I can't thank you all enough for lifting a girl's spirits - I am whining, aren't I? Oh well, I have been very productive - sorta like the Easter Bunny, but I am laying chickies

  6. Every single holiday always sneaks up on me...suddenly every creative project has to be finished and it's time to celebrate!

    Hope all those little projects are finished by now! :)

    Happy, happy Easter!


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