Thursday, April 2, 2009

Give me a little of that cupcake luv

I have been remiss in my cupcakery - I had fallen from the baking path, strewn with real butter, cream cheese frosting and coconut to last a year. My techniques became sloppy - frosting in the hair, cups filled to Double D proportions and tears in the paper liners. In a word - sugar high meets total wreck. Thankfully, I was amongst friends as I set the globs of gooeyness down. Soon, every one's fingers were a sticky mess and I was at peace, once again.
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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog Lady P, and I'm delighted that you're back in the realms of cupcakery - feels good, doesn't it? And I'm sure your friends are delighted at this development...

  2. I'm totally and utterly full from dinner but that looks YUM!!! xx lovely blog


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