Saturday, March 21, 2009

flowers, photos and a good walk about town

Today felt like Spring - smelled of it, looked of it and inspired thoughts of rampant color and bright corners filled with sunshiny hope.
I have never been afraid of the vibrancy of saturated color - as a girl, I remember choosing a special new short set of tangerine and dark lime for our first family outing to Disneyland. I flirted for the first time, intentionally, with a boy twice my age. Only one of us was aware that anything was happening. The color palette of my wardrobe that day had filled me with a new sense of daring and dreamfilled destiny.
Writing through this piece of wire and plastic, this box of amazing interconnected efficiency has unleased the writer and photographer within, and tapped into a deep resevoir of personal memories, stories and inventions that want to spring, fully formed, into the light of day.
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