Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cupcakes Anyone?

The cutest cupcake you'll never eat - the Cupcake Hat, which looks good enough to put on any one's head, I guarantee it. I first saw my friend Mary, of Happy Delusions store fame, working on this hat pattern. So adorable I needed one in time for Valentine's Day to give to the little special person in my life. When she couldn't find her pattern, I realized that (duh!) I could find it online - which I did right here, free pattern and all.
I made the size recommended, but my caveat to that pattern would be to make the rib more than 2 inches wide and to increase the length before decreases to over 5 1/2 inches - especially if the child you are knitting for is beyond a year old. As you can see, in what I like to call the "Apple Pie" Hat that I made with the little gingham buttons sown on, our little model will not be able to sport it for too much longer :(( My second important addition to this pattern is when you come to the portion that requires you to knit the "nubs" hold strong, don't over think it. Remember the chain cast on? Where you stick the tip of the needle into the stitch on the left hand needle, make a stitch and put it back on the needle? Now, after 5 of those, just bind off until back to the original stitch. Those darn nubs can cause some unnecessary hardships, if you know what I mean. And this is a confectionery creation - it is meant to be just silly fun
Good models are hard to come by, as are the very best of Grandmas too - but I am lucky that I have access to both!!
Yeah for cupcakes and silly head gear and lovey dovey Valentine's Day gifts - and yeah to all of you - a big holiday hug !
(PS - stay tuned for my adult version of the Cupcake hat - yeah for big kids!)
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