Friday, August 7, 2009

fearless friday

i have a bag of tricks
and i am not afraid to use them
can't let the rest of living get between me
and the craft of life
that i heartfully signed on for

sometimes you forget why you are doing what you do
it's really just to get to the really fun stuff
like yarny bits
making a statement in your craft
and keeping yourself amused

got a notion
to create a commotion

balls of fiber
binds me to a thought
a concept
a creation in time

snaggletooth eruptions of cosmic crafty wonder
the ahhhh at the end of the day
when your hands find sound purchase
the cares and woes of nonevents fade
and you wind down to dreams of
the next guerrilla yarn exploit

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  1. "snaggletooth eruptions of cosmic crafty wonder"

    Luvvvv it!!!!

  2. How fun! Love your pictures with the words - great poetry!! I had to laugh about the same line that umama loved so much. Wonderful!! :) Silke

  3. *overcome by midnight blue bag.. the want is killing me*...

    Gourging myself on colour and knit, love the way the yarn plays peekaboo by weaving back and forth between and under.

    Hope your weekend has started in style my darling, lottsa love out of London //M

  4. *is remembering the only sign in chinease that I ever learned.. which was sky. Uppside down V with two horisontal lines thru it. Could be wrong.. Learned it from the first boy I kissed, at the face crunching age of 6 and horribly aware that any boy coodies would kill me right there in kindergarden.. In my mind it's now are connected to you. (the sign, not the underage smootching) Good brain connection right there :)

  5. Poetry in wool..beautiful lady P.

  6. vacations are all about indulgence... :D We're gonna spend some quality time at the Brighton Pier (go here: )where indulgence is on offer in style :D
    Will raise a moo-moo's milkshake and the traditional spunsuggar stick in your honor ;)

  7. love your guerilla exploits...still waiting for them to appear in my corner of the world!

  8. Do you dress in camouflage and go skulking around in the dark with your night vision goggles?

  9. Dear Lady P, sadly your Madly Creative blog is gobbling up all my comments! I type, type, type my little heart out, press Post Comment, and then it disappears off into a black hole, never to be seen again. As I type this, a big old tear making its way down my cheek...

    Any way, I wish you luck with your newest guerilla yarn project! x Anairam

  10. Beautiful pictures and words indeed. Great post. Hope all has been going well. Have a great weekend :)


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