Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Meme time!

Never knew what the hell a meme was til I starting this blogging thing. I got tagged/given an award/told to divulge deep and dark secrets. I am here to tell ya- I am keeping the deep and dark ones to myself!

1. I can never help myself when it comes to flowers and taking photos - Nope, absolutely NO self control on this front. Not trying to cut back or anything, either.

2. Totally the weirdo, stray that lost their way, what the hell is she doing now! one of the family. And now that I am "back", I'm outing myself even more. Uh oh.

3. Not afraid of color. Tend to go right up to the brightest and the boldest of them and "hang out". Collect orange wherever and whenever I can. So sue me if you can't find some now.

4. Find people that have a slightly off kilter or skewed perception of life to be highly fascinating. Want to cozy up to them and see if the zaniness is catching - hope to come down with a bad case and learn even more.

Text Color
5. I have a bad case of "I know there is more out there that I am going to accomplish", it just doesn't involve cars, 401K's and a Mr. Jones. But I would settle for a cute cuddler with an artistic bent and a sense of passion. (He could have a car though, that would make life a little simpler, and that would be okay I guess).
6. I like to try to be funny. But in person, I can be boisterous sometimes, and other times, you'd have to sit real close to hear my jokes. I need to feel comfortable enough to let me channel the funnies. I can be a pistol - just not always within everyone's hearing range.

7. I don't have any tattoos. Not a one. I have thought about it for years. Know artists, have access to mad tat talent - can't decide. Then decide, but can't find all the right artwork. Sigh. Will I ever get a tattoo? Big question. No clear answer. Looking for divine intervention. Or really great tattoo kismet.

This MEME MOMENT brought to you by:
UMAMA (oh mama) a vibrant poster of amazing finds and a great photographer in the making

THE PEACH KITCHEN Okay - I love food blogs, and I lived abroad enough that I LOVE me some asian/filipino food with a slice of cuteness and fun on the side - love to visit this blog

METAMORPHISIS Silke is an artist on a journey, and I can't help but check in to see the next exciting discovery she will be sharing



Okay - the rules go something like this. Take the logo thingy below, put it on the blog, make a link to this blog then write 7 silly, relatively unknown things about yourself. Nominate 7 other lucky souls you want to peer at more closely. Etc, etc. Choose one of the below - why choose? cuz I received three in this week. Or not. I am not always so big on rules sometimes. Like today.


  1. Oh, you made me laugh this morning! Love your seven facts - so fun! And I am glad you shared some more food blogs - I love to eat!! :) Silke

  2. You are so funny, Lady P!
    I bet you're a blast to be around!

  3. Orange is good, orange is vibriant.. orange rocks! You should go to Holland durring football (soccer in your english ) season. A sea of Orange. :D

    Gimme some hints of what you wish you tattoo to say and i¨ll send you som drafts, i need a project again, its been some time since I've gotten ink on someone else. Its fun ;)

    Hope life is good, greets from London (oh and check out the wonderwoman with red beard on the blog.. aint he gorgeouse??
    *crush the size of a small battle ship*

  4. Lady P, If I get a chance I'll do the Meme. right now the visiting grandson is sucking all the energy out of me. And we are also going away for a day.

    But here are two things that I really really love. Sleeping is number one. God I love closing my eyes and drifting off to neverland. Second, I love a good BM. (I can't believe I wrote that. Sometimes, I shock even me.)

  5. I liked your seven things! You seem to have lived (and are living) such a wonderfully interesting, colourful and zany life! The deep dark secret I want to know about you is where you've lived abroad? I really like that you have a box of found thingies too. I think you should take them out and redecorate your door again.

  6. I too like pictures of plants and flowers. The picture of the Squirt bottles I am liking. They are vintage right?

    Thank you for mentioning my blog by the way! :)

  7. You asked me how my Project Wonderful ads were working for me on my blog. To answer you, when they were free, it was always full. I still made a little money on it because sometimes someone would bid a penny here and there. Still, I only made a dollar or two.

    Now that I've bumped it up to $.03, I never have more than two ads going at a time.

    It also depends on if your blog get's a lot of hits, and if they are inclined to clicking on ads. Good luck with it. :-)


  8. Aw. Always a bright spot in my day when I visit you. Congrats on your well-deserved awards!

  9. This made me very happy and smiley.


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