Thursday, July 9, 2009

Can of spray paint + car = beauty

Rattle Canned

Spray Paint Art - designed by the owner, applied by the owner

Cadillac Cool on a warm summery day

Cobwebs and creativity

A time when cars were sleek and looked unique

Art is everywhere
Artists are brushing up beside you everyday
Incognito on the down low living life and going home to
Make Shit Happen

Thanks to my friends Mike and Crystal Roberts who own this awesome Caddy and really did rock my world and everyone else's when they saw what you did to the car - WOW.
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  1. Wow! That's a beautiful car. Cobwebs never looked so good! I love the lines of cars from that era. Cars had personality back then. Now everything looks the same.

    In response to your last comment on my blog - I'm with you. No more saving art supplies. Use them - make something - buy more!

  2. Waxing nostalgic for the past but love what you've done in the future.

  3. gorgeouse car, gorgeouse pictures :) I love the one where you can see a tiny tiny photograhper too :D

  4. Cool car..very cool! Those are some cool friends you've got!

  5. Abstraction of a your images..

  6. I love, love, love the old cars - they were so sleek and elegant, and even looked a little soft with those lovely curves. This one is beautiful!! :) Silke

  7. What a lovely car, Lady P! When I was still teaching one of my students bought a car like that (I remember it being pale pink, but I might be wrong about that) and one morning he came early to college and drove me and another staff member round the block. I felt a bit like the queen, and gave a regal little wave to pedestrians... I love your guerilla knitting in the previous post - YAY for putting it up - very crafty of you, I must say. I hope it is still there! (PS Oh, thanks for the applause! From one lazy person to another - I realize how much effort that took!)


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