Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake and Her Hat

When a head that is meant for a hat collide - it is magic -true joy. That is exactly what happened when Aimeekins saw the pink mound of strawberry madness and claimed it for herself.
This is the very same Cupcake Hat pattern that I posted earlier in my blog, only with the tasty addition of a amigurami strawberry to match. I found this pattern online, but the editor specifically did not want any hotlinks to her site. Sorry for us - and a wee bit sorry for her too. Now she can't come to know the likes of all of you.
Seems to be understood these days that if you get something made from my wee little hands, some modeling and photo session is not far behind. Thank God and Goddess that my friends have more cred in that department than I do. I hate most photos of myself. I rather like being behind the lens.
Can't have a pink hat that screams desert without some silliness - or downright snarkiness. Little Miss So and So giving us the butt waggle ala Shortcake Style - love the pigtails - all three of them - he he!

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  1. LOL! that hat is wonderful and looks like it suits the wearer :)


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