Monday, March 2, 2009

I have a crush on Blush and Ruffles

The newest spring spectrum of color fascinations have me longing for a new take on my wardrobe and some lighter scarves to wear. I am enthralled with ruffles and the soft color that comes from all tones of the blush of our skin. This scarf is light and soft - it's base was knit in garter stitch on size 8 ebony circular needles from a skein of vintage yarn I picked up at the thrift store - Paton's Jacana - acrylic and wool blend.
I only had the one skein and some lovely slubby, mulitcolored mohair - a mere scrap that I had been holding on for a project for just myself. That went into the ruffle. The last row was then finished off with the main yarn to keep the pink theme intact.
Here is me in one of my vintage slips and brooch - I have a collection of both. I don't mind confessing, putting the slip on reminded me that I needed to take a look at the winter pounds I have somehow collected as well.
Peneolope Cruz and her ad for the new line of clothing she and her sister are doing - Manga - reminiscent of the lovely soft colors that the change of season will hopefully one day allow us to wear.
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  1. this is beautiful, I love how you mixed the different colours of wool together!


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