Monday, February 2, 2009

Princess Slippers for a Birthday Girl

Who doesn't love a pair of handknit slippers for their birthday - especially when heating bills are still ludicrously high and paychecks painfully small. These pink beauties were made from an old school pattern I had from my days of managing a yarn store in SF. The pattern called them "Princess Slippers" (or maybe that was the Canadian yarn they called for?) and I like the name, so it's staying.

I did try to look online to find a similar pattern so that I could post a link with this, but I could not find one. Okay, not exactly true, but there was one with Swedish music playing in the background and fake snowfall obscuring my thoughts, let alone the reading of the pattern, and well, I just couldn't do that to you. So, look for a pattern that calls for 2 strands of worsted weight yarn, and this is very important, K2tog toe decreases. Some patterns have you just string up a lot of remaining stitches at the end of the slipper, leading to the Big Toe poking out and getting severe cold damage, or at best just stuck outside the slipper, alone.

I put to contrasting buttons on the top as decoration and to help distinguish the right slipper from the left, which is ridiculous, as you well know, as they are knit exactly the same. My friend liked them and everyone who saw them thought that to be a very clever design addition, but they are all just sweet like that. They oohh and aahh every time I make something for someone and I am spoilt to have such a great receiving crowd to play too.

The "Princess" who will sport these babies loves pink and black - both in the boudoir and out - so these should be a cozy and cute addition to her nighttime wear. And a special Happy Birthday to all of you Aquarians - so many have made it into my inner circle in the last couple of years - I never knew!

PS - WOW ! new followers - I am honored

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  1. Great looking slippers! I remember making that exact pattern....years and years and YEARS ago! And it's STILL a nice pattern. Hope I have aged as well. LOL

    I like the buttons you have added, btw. A very nice touch.

    I am an Aquarius also, so thanks for the birthday wishes..... :)


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