Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Perfectly Pinky

When good friends and knitted scarves collide - this is what happens. My dear friend, Celeste, a.k.a. Pinky, is the best model and a constant source of wonderment to her friends. She is get-outta-town talented and superbly photogenic.
I am desperately trying to figure out this "etsy" thing, my supply of knitted goodies for sale - prodigious. My good photos to upload within the parameters of etsy.com, dismal.
These are the glorious photos that will not translate onto the etsy website. But, per usual, Pinky is awesome.
My scarf is my own design, made from upcycled/recycled sweaters that I felt, always of a nice fiber and softness quality. I then crochet the edges, pick up stitches, create a multi hued ruffle from a handful of gorgeous yarns, and viola! instant rufflemania at your beck and neck.
Pinky began this very day her first solo trip about the states - her very own "walkabout". This is a tribute to her - may she make it back safely into the arms of her awaiting friends and family with great stories and a new perspective on her little place in our cosmos. We adore you, Pinky!
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